APDI offers a complete line of automotive condensers covering over 95% of all North American vehicle applications. Engineering and manufactured under ISO 9001 / TS16949 quality system, APDI condensers utilize superior quality parts that meet or exceed OE specifications. Premium quality is ensured through stringent performance and durability testing. APDI condensers cover both R12 and R134A refrigerants and are “Drop-In Fit” for easy installation into your vehicle.

Features & Benefits

With over 925 condenser part numbers to chose from APDI is your leading source for automotive condensers.

Tube Design – APDI designs included the latest technological developments in AC condenser designs, micro-extruded tubes and mini-micro-extruded tubes.

Condenser Brackets are ribbed to increase strength and rigidity for mounting and component support.

Integral Oil Coolers are designed with rectangular tubes to precisely match the OE configuration in terms of form, fit, and function.

Side Members are engineered utilizing a U-shaped design to increase rigidity and protection against fin damage from excessive stress.

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