Fuel Pump Module Assemblies

Agility Auto Parts offers a complete line of Fuel Module Assemblies covering a wide variety of North American vehicle applications. Engineered and Manufactured in a highly automated and dust-free environment, all our Fuel Module Assemblies meet or exceed all OEM specifications. Premium quality is ensure through stringent performance and reliability testing for pressure characteristics, flowrates, Electrostatic Discharge, and 100% leak testing. Agility Fuel Modules Assemblies are drop in replacements right out of the box with all the necessary components included.

Features & Benefits

With close to 1,000 part numbers to chose from, APDI is your leading source for  Fuel Pump Module Assemblies.

Improved connections ensures proper fit to eliminate corrosion.

Float arms are detachable for protection during shipping. Detail attachment instructions included for ease of installation.

Double Wall Box Corrugation and Air Bag Protection.

POM & PBT Material are utilized Strong, Durable, and ESD compatible with no regrind which means 100% virgin material is always used.

Redesigned Rheostat ensures continuous fuel level readings.

Guide Rod Springs provide increased durability as the assembly expands and contracts in the fuel tank.

Depth Media Filtration prolongs fuel pump life especially in dirty environments.

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