Heater Cores

Adequate heat can only be delivered to your vehicle from well designed heater cores. Agility Auto Parts offers a complete line of automotive Heater Cores engineered and manufactured from superior quality parts that meet or exceed OE specifications. Covering over 94% of all North American vehicle applications, every Agility heater core is tested in the actual vehicle HVAC heater module to ensure easy installation and proper function. Agility offers every heater style in the world designed.

Features & Benefits

With 645 heater core part numbers to chose from Agility Auto Parts is your leading source for automotive heater cores.

Agility heaters are designed with tubes that are coated internally with a corrosion resistant cladding alloy 7072. This cladding alloy covers the inside surface of the core tubes to ensure galvanic protection against pitting corrosion. Any spot attack on the coolant side of the tube will penetrate only as far as the core alloy where further progress is stopped dead in its tracks.

Side Pieces are ribbed to further increase strength and rigidity to protect the fins against excess stress and strain.

High Strength rigid brazed joints are incorporated in each heater core for durability and excellent resistance to corrosion and erosion.

All heater cores are leak checked several times throughout the manufacturing process to ensure a 100% leak free unit.