Rick Calagoure, CEO and owner of Agility Auto Parts Inc. (Agility), a North American supplier of aftermarket automotive parts, is pleased to announce the acquisition on August 31, 2021, of the assets of Automotive Parts Distribution International, LLC (APDI), a North American leader in the supply of cooling system automotive parts (automotive and medium duty radiators, AC condensers, heater cores and cooling fan assemblies).


Agility also acquired APDI’s 400,000 square foot distribution center based in Arlington, Texas. As such, Agility is now positioned to provide our customers with access to a wider range of product lines and higher overall inventory levels.


Agility has hired APDI employees in their current roles led by Jeff Schwartz, the President of APDI who now becomes the President of Agility. This allows for the seamless transition and integration of the APDI customer base to Agility. With this acquisition, Agility will continue to provide reliable logistics services and timely fulfillment and delivery of orders, while focusing on our vision of customers first, quality products at competitive prices, and continuous product development.


With this acquisition, Agility is pleased to announce that it will now be a supplier of a wider range of product lines with the addition of Cooling System Automotive Parts that include Automotive and Medium Duty Radiators, AC Condensers, Heater Cores and Cooling Fan Assemblies, and our existing product lines that include Mechanical and Electric Fuel Pumps, Fuel Assembly Modules, GDI Pumps, Fuel Driver Modules, Fuel Tank Straps, Fuel Filler Necks, Fuel Injectors, Wiper Linkages and Engine Oil Pans.


We are looking forward to the opportunity to service and work together with APDI’s current customer base, to building mutually beneficial business relationships, and to working together in collaboration with APDI’s team.


Rick Calagoure
CEO and Owner, Agility Auto Parts Inc

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