Fan Assemblies

By combining a fan motor, blade, and shroud together Agility Auto Parts offers a complete line of quality automotive fan assemblies covering 96% of all North American vehicle applications. Engineered and manufactured utilizing superior quality parts that meet or exceed OE specifications. Agility Fan Assemblies are drop in replacements right out of the box with all the necessary factory connectors and mounts included for a complete replacement product. Agility offers every fan configuration for every vehicle.

  • Single Fan Assemblies (Engine and AC Cooling)
  • Dual Radiator and Condenser Fan Assemblies
  • Single Fan Assemblies with Dual Functionality


Features & Benefits

With 775 Cooling Fan Assembly part numbers to chose from, Agility Auto Parts is your leading source for automotive cooling fans.

Fan Blades are statically and dynamically balanced preventing assembly misalignment and excess noise for quiet operation.

Shrouds are ribbed which increase strength and rigidity of the entire assembly under load forces from airflow thrust and rotating blade torques.

All fan assemblies are durability tested for countless hours at elevated temperatures above 260°F as well as being wind tunnel tested to ensure a direct match to the original fan assembly for cooling airflow versus input amperage.